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Rise Above Now
ISBN: 978-0692723852
Fiction / Contemporary Women / Personal Growth

Have you ever questioned life and wonder why you?
Can you hear yourself saying, “Is there more to life
than this?” I can identify this with you. Did you
know? Our brain process approximately 70,000  
thoughts on an average day. Often many wonder
why so many give up and quit in life. In this book I
will show you how to rise above mediocrity. No more
settling for less than God's best and only fantasizing
about your heart desires – Its time you Rise Above,
Mommy Do You Work Tonight?
ISBN: 0692745696
Poetry / Women Authors

What comes from the heart, reaches the heart…
Poetry has always been a way to reach readers
right where they need to be reached. The art of
writing poems have caused many to fall in love
with their purpose in life and thrive. Poems of
Delight Ministering to Your Soul is a collection of
poems that were truly written from the heart of
author Sybil Young. Join her as she takes a
journey through life, love and happiness and
shares every moment with you through the beauty
of poetry.
The Birth of an Author
Shall Be BORN


The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born because there are great ideas in you. We are creators.
One thing I love about authors, they have the power to form their own world to come. A
sound mind contributes innovation to the world and is extremely creative. An author's
concept of art has no limits. We are visionaries and see things others cannot. The power of
an author is POTENT because they shape and mold through the creation of thought. Yes, an
author's focus can be distracted, but what’s in our view we bring by inventing what we see.
Regardless, of our circumstances, an author will let their mind take them to a whole new
world and that is where the shaping begins. As we draft on paper our hearts are led by the
ink of a pen and the stroke of a key. We see doors that are shut fly wide open! We dream
and then bring it to pass. An author will ride out their nightmares to see the fullness of their
writing journey exists. The purpose of an author is to simply make what they see appear.
Through the vision of an author we have the ability to dress our lives in expressive words
just for others to visualize what we see. It is the desire in the heart that pushed the author to
their destiny. Once the flame of writing grows intense in the heart of the writer its journey is
complete. Authors do not compromise; they cause their dreams to come to life. Things you
must know about writing a book and tips to help complete your writing journey are here.
The birth of an author shall be born, is it you?

Parice C. Parker
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The Grieving Heart
ISBN: 1546478752
Self-Help / Death, Grief, Bereavement

There is no right or wrong way to mourn or grieve the loss of
a loved one. You will never “get over” the loss, but you will
learn how to move forward and build a new beginning. This
is YOUR grief and “you’re one step closer today than you
were yesterday at becoming whole again.”
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Making Time to Pray
ISBN: 1539382311
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

So many allow the struggles, discomforts, and evils of life to
redirect their lives from being viable because they don't know how
to pray. Praying is the most valuable spiritual tool you will need,
and it is a real weapon of defense when you learn how to use your
prayer life. It will shift your entire situation from bad to good,
redirect your life from misery to happiness and misfortune to being
fortunate. Make Time to Pray will teach you how to make your
prayer more effective. Once an individual develops a more
effective prayer life they become a hell destroyer, life changer, and
a more productive warrior gaining favor from The Most High that
they never had. It's time to Make Time to Pray.
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ISBN: 1546786538
Drama / Women Authors

Nothing compares to a scarred childhood. The emptiness of
being alone, depressed and unloved followed her like a
ghost throughout adulthood. She could not make sense of it
but before attempting to commit suicide, God stepped in
and delicately took her by the heart. He rewrote her story.
Tragic is a brief summary about a young girl,  
who’s undergone some horrific hardships, was able to find
some unlocked doors and walked straight through them.